Everyone wants to make $300 a day or more with their AdWords campaigns. You’ve started a few campaigns, spent a few dollars, and now you’re wondering – “where’s the payoff!”

There’s no secret to AdWords success. Like anything, joining the big leagues of AdWords profits means you must put in the hours. In this case, it’s hours of keyword work.

Extensive Keyword Research

There are literally thousands of keywords for every industry. By advertising a thousand or more keywords you will greatly increase your chance of getting clicks at a cheaper rate.

Consider this:

Campaign A: Your AdWords campaign has only 4 keywords. These keywords are the most popular keywords for your industry. The average CPC is $1. These keywords get 6000 searches a day. Your campaign is getting a 2% CTR which means your getting 120 clicks at a total cost of $120.

Campaign B: You research and bid on 2000 keywords. The average CPC is .10 These 2000 keywords also receive 6000 search queries a day. Again using a 2% CTR, your campaign is delivering 120 visitors. But instead of paying $120 as in Campaign A, you are only paying $12.

Obviously, Campaign B is the better performing campaign. Campaign B is saving $108 a day, $3,600 a month and $43,200 per year. The difference in ROI is staggering.

Remember, the difference between the two campaigns was in the keywords. Campaign A had a few popular keywords. Campaign B contained 2000 keywords. The keywords in Campaign B are less popular, translating to a cheap CPC for you.

How To Find Keywords For Your PPC Campaigns

Now you know the importance of doing extensive keyword research before beginning an AdWords campaign. But how do you come up with a long list of targetted keywords. Here’s how:

The simplest and easiest method to come up with good keywords is to think long and hard. “Yeah, that’ll get me 50 words” you say.” Still need more keywords? Try these tools;

1. Google Keyword Generator

2. WordTracker

3. Overture Search Suggestion Tool

5. Keyword Wrapper

6. MyTrashMail Keyword Generator

Happy keyword hunting. You can never have too many keywords. Just remember with each keyword you are increasing your ROI. And istn’t that what it’s all about?

There are links to materials covered in this article, but I thought I would include a 100% Free resource that has around 40 different tools.


These tools are 100% Free forever, give reasonably good results for beginners to find keywords and start rubbing shoulders with their advertising competitors on Adwords.

Many people still today believe the keyword tracker is good for SEO, it’s not! It gives keyword volume for advertisers but offers a ‘guage’ of traffic for SEO also. When you are keywording, the advertising (who pay good money to be #1 top of the page) will always take priority over organic results when being displayed on the Google Search.

Advertising your business on Adwords is good for business when you get it right, which is the hard part. When building your digital business, it’s a great thing to combine Solo Ads, SEO, PPC and Social Media for a more rounded and strategic approach to making money online.

Ultimately, Solo Ads are a form of PPC. Solo Advertising – you pay for a 1-time campaign advert to be run and take results (subscribers). I narrow this down with Geo Targeting, Make Money Online & Work from home niche’s, which are ripe for affiliate offers, CPA and much more.

Buying one of my Solo’s is just the same as PPC, you pay for clicks to your offer and those interested people become your subscribers, my traffic is geared towards Make Money Online and Work from home opportunities. Your website or landing page explains in more detail (or the affiliate landing page) the offer (your own or another publisher) and the user decides to take action by being well informed via your email funnel.

People spend a fortune on Adwords, but are reluctant to try Solo Ads and give up too easily! The online marketing fraternity frankly laugh because they have the traffic all sewn up for themselves and are making a fortune with it.

Around 70% of my subscribers came as a result of paid advertising from Solo Ads, Facebook & Adwords. Like I said, it forms a really good marketing mix and can literally put cash in your pocket in real-time.

I personally love the method because if you get it right it’s simply a case of turn up the budget, maximise results. Incidentally, that’s what ClickMagick does for Solo Ads – optimise your opportunity and budget!

I love it becuase, like in fishing. When taking a nice fat fish from the surface you actually see the fish take the bread, your hook and then zip off – it’s always close and thrilling action (Ask a fisherman!)

Whilst, I realise ‘been caught’ is associated with being scammed, one would catch a fish! Metaphorically speaking the buzz of seeing your bait zip under is like commissions sky rocketing right infront of your eyes…It still thrills me 12 years on! Bing Bing Bing goes the paypal app on your phone! 🙂

How many times have you heard about taking action? If you want to learn the key strategies of Internet Marketing professionals and finally get the support you deserve, then head on over to Traffic Domination.

I don’t offer coaching, just really really good Solo Ads traffic, Adwords and Social Media PPC advertising is covered as part of Wayne’s VIP Membership.

I hope that covers the original question “Are BIG paydays still achievable in 2019 with PPC?” ..the answer is categorically YES! I recently watched a guy move from $0 in the bank, $500 ads budget and turn that into $52,000 pay days with a clickbank offer using nothing else than Facebook Ads + Solo Ads strategy.

I don’t promote affiliates individually, but all you need to do is look around the RIGHT places and you’ll discover a community all making great money from Solo Ads and traditional PPC growth hacks.


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