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About Author

Dave Palo

Hey there fellow marketer, I’m Dave Palo and I provide HIGH Quality and converting traffic from Solo Ads.  Whilst you may not know my name, I’ve been email marketing since the 90’s and can help you achieve success!

When you buy my Solo Ads, you are guaranteed a responsive list that’s fresh and ready to receive your offer.  You know – “the money is in the list" and my traffic delivers with succulent results!

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Are you tired of NOT making SALES?

My Solo Ads WILL NOT dissapoint!

My list is pumped fresh of new eager people EVERY single day

My Clients regularly appreciate above industry Opt-In Rates of 40, 50, 60 and YES even sometimes 75%!!

Here's what your getting

Verified Quality
My traffic has been triple checked. Real Human's for your affiliate offers
Best Countries
Tier 1 Countries Only - US, UK, CAN, AU, NZ, IR (Less Fraud)
Extra Free!
Over-deliver of clicks to give best results for many repeat customers.
Fresh List
Between 200 and 1100 people sign up every day, hungry to see your offer
Buyers Included
I've perfected my list with regular buyers included in every run.
Free support
Need a Swipe? Check your Funnel? Grab me on skype or messenger
Zero Bots!
Bot Zapping Technology prevents fakes & bots
Pro Tools
Start using the professionals choice of tools
Boost Prizes
Several Boost Prizes Every Month + Bulk Solo Ad Auctions.
Ad Copy
Ad Copy is Included with every Solo Ad. Confirm at checkout
Affiliate Intel
Need to know the BEST Converting Affiliate Offers?
Make Money
You can easily resell my succelent traffic and make money online

How Do Solo Ads Work?

It’s actually very simple! You create your email copy (Swipe) you post it here online as part of your order and then I review it personally.

If I think it’s a good match for my traffic simply place your order and I send it to my list of hungry buyers.

I highly recommend using an opt-in service to capture interested people into your own list.

You are buying a number of clicks, people click through to the offer you promote.  The traffic is unlimited, simply buy the traffic plan that suits you.  The traffic is unique and protected from scams, junk traffic, Bots and more – these are REAL people looking at home opportunities and Internet Marketing niches.

I'm ready to order, what happens next?

Decide upon how many clicks you want, and then use one of the buy buttons below to send through your payment. We accept Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin

Within 24 hours you’ll then receive a personal email from me with your very own click tracking link. (I use ClickMagick as it’s one of the industry’s leading click tracking platforms).

You can then watch as your clicks come in with highly detailed statistics.


I Guarantee REAL Human traffic from my responsive list. 
During 30 days, if your list Opt-In are non responsive I’ll re-run the campaign free!

Get the right Coaching!


Are You Ready To Get Started?

Chose a traffic package below and start getting clicks to your offer today

100 Clicks
$50/Solo Ad
  • $0.50c Per Click
  • Unlimited Traffic Source
  • 85-90% Tier 1
  • Top Geo's: US, UK, AU, NZ, Can
  • Over Delivery
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Review
  • 100% REAL Traffic
  • Buyers Included
200 Clicks
$100/Solo Ad
  • $0.50c Per Click
  • Unlimited Traffic Source
  • 85-90% Tier 1
  • Top Geo's: US,UK,AU,CAN
  • Over Delivery
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Review
  • 100% REAL Traffic
  • Buyers Included
300 Clicks
$147/Solo Ad
  • $0.49c Per Click
  • Unlimited Traffic Source
  • 85-90% Tier 1
  • Top Geo's: US, UK, AU, NZ, Can
  • Over Delivery
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Review
  • 100% REAL Traffic
  • Buyers Included
500 Clicks
$245/Solo Ad
  • $0.49c Per Click
  • Unlimited Traffic Source
  • 85-90% Tier 1
  • Top Geo's: US,UK,CAN,AU
  • Over Delivery
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Review
  • 100% REAL Traffic
  • Buyers Included

Pay by PayPal, Credit Cards, BitCoin, Ethereum and 50 other Cryptocurrencies


General Questions

Can I Get A Refund?

There are NO refunds, period.  You are buying quality traffic from an email marketing agency and we simply can’t undo the eyeballs who view your offer.

You would not expect a refund from Adwords or Facebook advertising platforms. If you are unclear, or uncertain what you are buying PLEASE DO NOT buy my traffic service. 

I invite questions before you order, simply email

When Does My Order Complete?

Your order will be completed within 72 hours, but I reserve the right to send sooner.  Larger campaigns can be achieved in the same-day, but I reserve the right to drip-feed (for your benefit)

Everything purchased from the website will be delivered in 72 hours.  My Volume partners appreciate it takes longer – upto 10 days for complete delivery.

How Do I See Results?

We give you a unique tracking link which tells you advanced information like geography and device type your visitors use. 

If your a smart cookie, you’ll use an Opt-In Tool (Email Responder) to collect interested parties first ….and then send them to your offer.

Do I need An Account?

No, you don’t need an account to place a traffic order. You can check out as a guest. 
You can also check order status online.  Navigate to the top menu and click “Order Status" and enter your order number and email ID (that you used to place order).
People who create an account can login anytime to view the same things, but also order history and tracking links inside their orders.

What Niche markets work best?

MMO (Make Money Online)
Work From Home
Home Business Opportunities
Forex & Day Trading

What Do You Quickly Ban / Prevent?

There are many scams out there and we don’t want any association with:

MLM & Pyramid Schemes
Drugs (no CBD!)
Misleading Systems

+ Anything on the FTC ‘Hall of Fame’

Every order you process, will be met with strict MANUAL approval process.

More Questions

Do You Guarantee Sales?

No we cant guarantee sales, but we do guarantee you get HIGHLY responsive people are ready for signup to your email marketing list, the value is in the downline efforts you make.

When Can I Contact You?

You can buy Solo Ads traffic from me 24/7/365

I process my orders and check emails everyday through varying times.

Simply email: with any questions you have and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I Edit my Solo Ad?

Once your Solo Ad has been submitted, there is no real way of going back.  Please make sure your Solo Ad copy (Swipe) is correct when placing your order.  Or we’ll just write one for you! (Free)

I happily take review copies, simply email: with attached as .txt / .doc and the link you are promoting.

Why is your list the best?

To be honest, there will be better lists than mine out there.  BUT I can guarantee my list offers performance and had my personal care and attention for years.

Over the years, I accumulated many repeat customers and a great reputation.

My clients are the best indication of traffic success and you can find them easily in Facebook Groups publishing results of Opt-In rates and SALES from affiliate marketing noobs and Solo Ad experts.

Why Buy Solo Ads From You?

I’ve been a prolific user and seller of Solo Ads and Email Marketing since the 90’s.

There are no re-sold, over-used, highly strung cold lists here.  Succlent Opt-Ins, freshest list in the industry and a lightning fast service.

I have an excellent reputation online of delivering superb quality traffic and a network of trusted highly profitable Solo Ad vendors to help with larger campaigns.

Do you offer Coaching & Mentoring?

No coaching or mentoring here.

But if it’s better results you want, then I highly recommend Traffic Domination by Wayne Crowe


Do You Sell To Your List?

Yes I do!  And I make a substantial income doing so.   How else would I know my traffic converts?

If you are curious, I market to 10-20% of my list, leaving 80-90% ripe for your Solo’s.  Buyers are included.

My Traffic In Demand!